trend we love: steel framed doors

We’re having a major moment crushing on steel framed doors, especially when they are used as shower enclosures.  These are popping up more frequently and we aren’t complaining.  We love when bathrooms get a little extra love and the best kind of love is when the focus is on those details.   They exude a sense of vintage, but they also add a hint of industrial style to the spaces they’re used in.  We also love when they’re mixed with more rustic elements to create a balance of contemporary and well worn. The contemporary and rustic elements make the spaces feel well balanced and eclectic.  In addition to that, the industrial aspects offer a sense of masculinity to these bathrooms.  Take a look at some of our favorites below, these spaces exude all of those elements flawlessly.




We can’t wait for a client to love this as much as we do, so we can create a pretty little bath space centered around all that prettiness.



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a little sneak peek


We’re back & have this little gem to share with you!

So, we’ll be the first to admit we haven’t been so good at this whole blogging thing lately.  We’ve been busy working on a few projects and slacking on keeping this up to date, sorry about that!  Take this post as our initiative to get back to posting more frequently and our promise to give you some sneak peeks into what we’re working on right now.  Above you’ll see a mood board for a lucky little lady that will be making her way into the world this November.  Creating spaces for littles just might be one of our favorites.  This little space is full of a whole lot of sweetness and is sure to set a good foundation to build upon for this little girl.  We like to keep spaces for our littles sweet enough, but timeless enough to grow into for years to come.  You can see we’ve done this above by selecting neutral furniture pieces and have added that adorable pink hue on the interchangeable items [pillows, rug, window treatments, etc].

Stay tuned for project updates as this one comes to life!

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